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The Primi™ and Secondi™ Catheters provide guidewire support and exchange capabilities for complex interventions such as CTO procedures. They are uniquely designed to allow local infusion of drugs and contrast media during the intervention without removing the guidewire. Such local infusion of contrast media may lower the contrast load, and thus reduce the risk for contrast-induced nephropathy. The Primi™ is a single guidewire design, and the Secondi™ features dual wire use and exchange capabilities, and a rotatable re-entry feature. The Secondi™ features may be uniquely valuable in avoiding subintimal dissection, and help find access in the true lumen.

An illustration of Secondi™ showing how it can be used to help find access in the true lumen

Both catheters employ a spine-wire shaft construction for excellent pushability and kink resistance, a hydrophilic coating for effortless catheter tracking, and are available in a variety of tapered distal tip lengths to facilitate smooth catheter crossing.


The Primi™ and Secondi™ Support Catheters are intended to be used in conjunction with guidewires in order to access discreet regions of the peripheral vasculature. They may be used to facilitate placement and exchange of guidewires and other interventional devices. The Support Catheters also may be used to selectively infuse/deliver physician specified diagnostic and/or therapeutic agents, such as sterile saline, contrast agents, vaso-dilators, anti-blastics, lytics, and anti-thrombotics, with or without a guidewire in position.


None known at this time.
The device is FDA cleared and manufactured by ThermopeutiX®, Inc. in the United States. It is not currently available in the Asia Pacific region. More product information will be available soon. Primi™, Secondi™ and ThermopeutiX® are trademarks of ThermopeutiX Inc